Top-rated tanneries

We prioritize working with tanneries that have been rated gold or silver by the Leather Working Group, which means that they have achieved the highest environmental standards in the industry. As of January 2022, 77% of Coach leather goods and 99% of our footwear products are made with leather from these tanneries. We’ve committed to using at least 90% gold and silver rated tannery leather by 2025.

Regenerative leather

We’ve partnered with the Savory Institute and Other Half Processing to support regenerative agricultural practices—those designed to maintain and rejuvenate grasslands and to increase biological diversity, soil health and productivity. We are committed to improving the sustainability of our supply chain by finding ways to use regenerative raw materials that have a net positive impact on the environment and result in a reduction of CO2 emissions. As part of this commitment, we will introduce new styles in regenerative leather in 2022.

Responsible signature jacquard

Our Signature Jacquard is one of our most iconic house codes and now it’s kinder to the planet. In a rolling change expected to be complete by Fall 2022, we are planning for all Coach collections to feature our new responsible Signature Jacquard made from organic cotton and polyester yarn recycled from post-consumer plastic water bottles.

Recycled materials

As part of our commitment to creating a more circular fashion system, we’re working to source, create and use recycled materials. Our Upwoven leather, for example, is created by the careful interweaving of leather production scraps sourced from our factories. We will also be replacing all polyester linings with recycled materials in a rolling change expected to be complete by Spring 2023.

Industry partnerships